10 Interesting Hobbies To Cheer Up Boredom

More then half of world are in a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are probably thinking how to pass your leisure time , we suggest few Indoor Unique, Fun and Interesting Hobbies to keep you and your family pre-occupied and entertained.
 Unique fun activities and Interesting Hobbies as in affordable Hobby Guide such as Online Hobbies, Outside Hobbies, Intellectual Hobbies, Exercise Hobbies, Skilled Hobbies. If you have time to dream, but not a lot of money left in your “fun budget”, it can be challenging to think of things to do to keep you occupied and entertained.
* Take a question to self, Are you an Optimistic Person with Positive Vibes around you ?

10 Interesting Hobbies to Cheer Up Boredom :



Board games like Chess and Checker have entertained us for Centuries , Many things have been deemed obsolete in the digital era yet ever-changing online games to cater for today’s generation are now played on smart phone. Each Game listed has a unique history with rules and parts that vary from complex to simple, Take a look at this 10 Board Game list compiled to rekindle your passion for the inimitable and durable fun hobbies. 
Indoor Interesting Hobbies- Online Board Games
Indoor Online Board Games
        1) SCRABBLE        
        2) RUMMIKUB
        3) MONOPOLY
        4) SEQUENCE
        5) CATAN
        6) The Game of LIFE
        7) Exploding Kittens
        8) JENGA
        9) RISK
      10) BATTLESHIP

*Wondering which one will interest you, go on pick one !



Well you have heard “Music heals the soul” and if you have a passion for music then you should try on KARAOKE as a unique and interesting hobby in the leisure time. I mean really you can feel the relief, the freshness and the fear has long vanished with every word and sentence you utter . 

SMULE a social singing app or even AirConsole connect with friends and family Use audio effects and video filters while singing your favourite karaoke songs. You can even sing with friends LIVE with LiveJam .

The best example we saw people in Italy, Spain, UK and many parts of Europe ,U.S even the orchestrated to entire globe during lockdown due to Covid19. . 

*Oh! Feeling shy or lazy, Are you a bathroom singer… ComeOn 😈



Puzzles are a positive brain teaser, good to have as a fun hobby during lockdown to improve your brain power. Solving puzzles has many benefits exercising the brain and develop it to think logical and solve real world problems differently It can also help you to enhance your mood during lockdown. Meanwhile, there are several types of puzzles you can avail in the market.
Unique, Fun, interesting hobby- Indoor Puzzle Games
Unique and Fun Indoor Puzzle Games
Jigsaw puzzles
Mystery puzzle
Combination puzzles 
Word puzzles 
Construction puzzles 
Transport puzzles  
Picture puzzles 
Sliding puzzles 
Mechanical puzzles 
Jigsaw Puzzles
Kids Puzzle
Logic puzzles

Sudoku puzzles and many more. 

My favourite bet are the unique Mystery Puzzles ,Even my family and friends brain drain through family Whatsapp group’s, engage with discussion and swap theories of the puzzle. It becomes the sole responsibility of the person to share the right answer with the proof answer .
Mystery puzzle are an interesting hobby which seems to be even trending in social media platform’s and it’s really fun to engage yourself and feel happy to be intellectually superior when you get a superior answer .People can even immerse themselves in plenty of online communities like Reddit’s Unresolved Mysteries . 
*AYE, You have got it right so carry on next  !


If you are a movie freak then you probably know where to find the golden trophies. I am guessing this days watching movies might be your favourite time pass activity in one’s leisure time during the corona virus lockdown. Well for those who are occasional audience and has an urge to  watch old or favourite movies well nowadays you can catch up at free online websites.
NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME aren’t the only favourites option to pay and subscribe to watch amazing movies. You will get other online option for free .Hope you enjoy watching  ,  few are put forward below :       
Interesting Hobby-Watching Movie- a favourite pass time
Watching Movie- a favourite pass time
 *HEY, Are you still charged for whole Night !





Are you a geek, a novelist who loves to read books as a hobby, you probably be busy engaging yourself into knowledge building and sharing topic of interest’s. But if you are an occasional or a time pass reader who even though have some few collection of books and thinking of reading some of interest or even a novel then i recommend checking out eBook’s during corona virus lockdown.

 In the digital age, eBook reader apps have replaced conventional traditional printed books. 
Now you can simply read your favorite book on your smartphone or tablet by downloading apps on your Android device. Several of the apps even provide hundreds of free books you can quickly search for a book of your choice and start reading.

Reading books
Reading books
AMAZON KINDLE                                


*Can you handle the vast knowledge !

Unique,fun, & interesting hobby-Culinary skills
Culinary skills- an interesting hobby

Culinary skill is a very unique, fun loving  and a interesting hobby. It is true “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” Many women have won a man’s love by cooking delicious meals for him and found love in his heart. Well everyone loves to eat delicious cuisines and in today’s fast growing busy life where there is no time we depend solely on online food service for instant home delivery.

Lockdown has given us the spare time where we can utilize our culinary skill into practice. Be an epicure and guide your mysterious cooking skill into use and serve some cultural cuisine into the table for your loved once, self or to friends .

Throw a house party connecting friends on a group video call. The emotion are breath-taking and surely there will be many hands pounding your back with praises. I urge you to give it a try to Married Couple friend’s there, remember “the Maid is on leave”😉.
*OMG ! Are you still On or going confused?


Exercise to stay fit
Exercise to stay fit

Well if you are not a regular exercise guy then think twice. I can imagine the busy schedule you put yourself in daily .If you are into any field job which i assume require rigorous walking daily it pretty can be useful sweating a large amount.

The  walking exercise can be pretty helpful then also i would urge you to take time out and do some full body exercise but if you are in a AC operated surrounding in a desk seating job ,then i would really request and urge you to takeout time and join a health club or do yoga at least 5 times a week.

The most important point is do a positive  Health checkup once in a month until your vital stat’s are normal then you can start taking quarterly checkup’s.
*Thinking twice, dare you for a fitness challenge, Are you On? 


Cycling A Healthy Hobby & A LIFE SAVER
Interesting Hobby-Cycling a life saver
Cycling a healthy hobby, a life saver

Cycling hobby can be quite a hobby that improves many different aspects of your life.You can look younger and preserve many years of your life by fighting risky diseases if you cycle, for 30-40 minutes every day. Not only that, there are so many effects of cycling that you will notice once you start.

 Whether you want to lose weight, keep your heart healthy, save money or want better commute, cycling can be the best option for you. Here are some of the benefits that cycling has in store for you,

  • A Great Pass-time
  • Reduce Signs of Aging
  • Lose Body Fat
  • Healthier Heart Rate
  • Strengthen Your Immunity
  • Healthier Mind
  • Improved Work Efficiency
  • Stronger Lungs
  • Fight Exhaustion
  • Longer Life Span

* Tong!  Man you got a bonus life saver


A Vacation
Wishlist for a Dream Vacation

Perfect Vacation is pretty much the household topic everybody must be discussing and so badly wants a break away ,which seems now a lockdown to eternity. Vacation provides a welcome break to rejuvenation of body, mind and soul. You must be dreaming how a perfect Vacay should be ,where to go and where not to. 

Perfect vacation for me should be planned at a place where there is abundant nature, adventure sports, below a blue sky, the orange sunset, the white clouds, the green meadows, the silvery rivers and the moon . So make a wish list close your eyes and think where to  put your footprint in future after the lockdown when coronavirus settle’s down ones the vaccine is introduced to masses !
*YIPEE! Am i hearing you correct !

An Interesting hobby-Childhood kodak moments
Childhood kodak moments

I am confident many of you recollect the happy, mischief, anxiety free childhood days and wish we never have grown. This is the time to recall the old photos and albums of the past era of your childhood days. Buddy Playmates, the Teacher, the Professor, the Friends in School and Colleges with whom some how have lost touch, play an important role in your life building during grown up days.

This is the hour to not waste time and initiate contact ,get their number’s and start calling one by one and rejuvenate with joy, laughter and feeling of  positive vibes encircling you.. What is better than to start a peck of laughter to the glorious moments we have gone through. Nowadays Video calling has made effective communication easy and robust.

 Let us know the count of beating you receive when you guys meet 😉

Plan for Future Emeregencies
Plan for Future Emeregencies
Its time for self-care and take some leisure time to bring out positive changes, be it mentally, physically, emotionally, literally defines you. It is time to take a break and regain the stud in you during the lockdown due to Covid19 pandemic.  
So get fit, have a haircut , try good clothes ,listen to music or write one, start to write a biography or a blog, let out all useless excreta from the mind and make it empty, watch movies or documentaries ,tryout cooking, spend ample time with family and loved ones make full use of the lockdown positively.
After stabilizing the mind and feeling mentally fresh think about the measures you need to take in case of  future emergency crisis. First of all consult financial advisor and start emergency funds, take care of medical insurance , buy quarterly home groceries in stored to bring positive changes in your life by having full control of the preparedness.

Hurry up ,Get Set & Go ! 


*Washing your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap and water is also effective against COVID-19.


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